Hello World.
My name is Jimmy Hu
About Me
I like writing code. I love designing games.

When I'm not busy with either of those, I'm usually reading the latest tech news, browsing funny Reddit posts or messing around in games with my buds on Teamspeak.

I graduated the Computer Science bachelor programme at Utrecht University. A variety of courses were completed here: Game Design, Graphics, Security, Artificial Intelligence, Functional Programming, Digital Image Processing, Data Structures, Design Patterns etc.

Several programming languages were used during and after my studies, most of the time of which was writing C# in Visual Studio and using Git for version control

Below you'll find some of the projects I've worked on in the past - in no particular order. If there's anything unclear or you'd like to know more, feel free to contact me below.

Curve Fever 3
keywords: Golang, Unity, C#, Server/Client
An online multiplayer game, Curve Fever 3 was built from scratch. The client was written in C# with Unity, whereas the server was coded in Go.

The game plays like a multiplayer variant of the classic mobile game; 'Snake'. Players control their Curve and can pick-up powerups to aid them in their goal of being the last remaining curve alive.

The in-game shop offers a variety of items which players can spend their hard earned coins on to customize their playstyle.
Curves each have different stats and handle differently. Powerups each have a unique ability that changes the field, your curve, or your enemies!
Infection vs Immunity
- A Serious Game
keywords: C#, Scrum/Agile, Git, DSL
A six month project, iVi was a project requested by the Immunity and Infection department of the Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht (UMCU). iVi tests the players' knowledge of the immune system, teaching and bringing active discussions to classes. The game was designed with extensibility in mind, allowing future teams to adjust and change it as the client sees fit.

The game gives the player different cases in which a person has an infection. These varying infections are dealt with by selecting the correct immune response actions, each having their own energy cost. The most successful 'treatments' results in the highest in-game scores.
keywords: Story, Game Design, GameMaker
Taiyo is an RPG game created with GameMaker.
This game was created as an assignment for the Game Design course.
It features around 20 minutes of gameplay and was created in a week from writing the story, finding the right art assets, creating the maps, programming the Quest system and NPCs, and finally 'theming' the game with handpicked music scores.
'Butter Cheese Eggs'
keywords: Haskell, MiniMax Tree
An assignment for the Functional Programming course, this is a Tic Tac Toe program written in Haskell. It has an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will always choose the most optimal move in a game - either against itself or against a human player.

It achieves this by first computing the entire Game Tree (as a Rose Tree data structure) that contains every single possible board state. The Game Tree is then used to compute a MiniMax Tree - partly displayed in the background - that the AI uses to never let you win. You can grab the game executable here.
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